Tim Mahoney Golf Combine

Want to know where you stand compared to PGA or LPGA players? Top 100 golf instructor, and Troon Golf Director of Education, Tim Mahoney offers his highly refined, time-honored teaching philosophies in conjunction with the latest in golf coaching technology to assess each athlete’s specific golf related skills and attributes. Each Combine participant will receive state of the art individualized assessments of not only his/her golf swing, but also of his/her physical and mental acuity. Take-home materials include detailed documentation of testing results and comparison to PGA or LPGA athletes.

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12pm – 4pm Athlete Testing & Coaching

Golf Swing Analysis to include:
Full Swing analysis utilizing TrackMan technology = Angle of Approach; Speed; Path; Face; Plane Short Game analysis: Putting (5’ and 40’); Chipping (3yds and 7yds); Pitch (30yds and 50yds) and Greenside Bunker

K-VEST analysis to include:
Kinematic Sequence; Rotation; Forward Bend; Side Bend; Starting Posture 

Physical Fitness analysis by COR Clinic utilizing 
the TPI Fitness Test methodology

Moawad “Mental Condition and Mindset”
The Moawad Athlete Assessment captures 30 key characteristics of an Athlete’s sports performance. This analysis allows athletes and coaches to identify key areas of performance strengths and weaknesses.

4pm – 6pm

On-course evaluation with coaching staff
utilizing the Strokes Gained calculator.



Boys and Girls age 12 thru 20 welcome


Sat. Feb. 18 and Sun. Feb.19
12pm – 6pm


Whirlwind Golf Club
5692 W North Loop Rd, Chandler, AZ


$225 per session*
*$200 for Troon Golf affiliated students.
Have your Troon Golf Instructor call.


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or call Tom VanHaaren at 231-218-6120